WWPG 500

Water wave power generator

Next generation patented wave energy park with two swimming containers incorporated in a lever actuation system.

DPMA Patent [Aktenzeichen 10 2017 009 309.1]

Experts realized and appreciated in the past years that water waves are a potential energy source of the future which is inexhaustible, eco-friendly and costless.

A variety of water energy parks, diverse in size and technique, are making use of these energy sources all over the world to generate electricity.

Nevertheless , these techniques are not technically mature and most of the wave energy parks are characterized by high factory costs, low output and high maintenance cost, which are mainly caused by a difficult accessibility. Furthermore, there is high risk of potential damage caused by high waves.

We succeeded to reduce these weak spots with our patented water wave power generator WWPG 500 an itīs fantastic and easy to handle actuation system.

WWPG 500 operates in small and high waves to produce electricity, both in the oceans and in running water such as rivers. There are two containers filled with water, included in each lever actuation system, which uses rising and descending movements to twist a common drive shaft in the same direction.

The generator is driven by a gear wheel and a flywheel on the drive shaft.

When a wave rises, both lever actuation systems are lifted for half a circle and they sink because of their weight while the wave goes down.

Each wave is used fourfold, because both systems are lifted and lowered one after another. Therefore, each movement causes a whole rotation of the generator.

Both containers reach their target weight because they are filled and emptied by two electric water pumps.

In this respect the generator output will be permanently optimised and the containers can be emptied completely on demand.

On commissioning, repair and maintenance as well as in danger of high waves, both lever actuation systems can be lifted as well as lowered into the water independently by using an electrical cable winch.